Sales Taxes

Sales Taxes

Sales taxes are collected on the sale of all tangible personal property or taxable services. The city sales tax is levied on a local option basis. The City of Pilot Point has a 2% local sales tax rate. One percent (1.5%) of the city sales tax goes directly to the City General Fund, .5% is given to the Pilot Point Economic Development while the other .5% goes to City Debt Relief. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts collects the city sales tax along with the state sales tax, then remits collections to Pilot Point monthly after deducting a collection fee. It has become a growing portion of tax revenue for our City as our business community has grown. Pilot Point’s total sales tax rate is 8.25% as outlined below.

The sales taxes collected within the City of Pilot Point are:

City Sales Tax $0.0200
State Sales Tax $0.0625

Total $0.0825

The Hotel/Motel tax is a type of sales tax. The total Hotel/Motel tax rate in Pilot Point is 14%, with a local tax rate of 7% as outlined below.

State Hotel/Motel Tax 7%
City of Pilot Point Hotel/Motel Tax 7%

Total 14%