Impact Fees

Impact Fees are a way to fund new roadways, water and sewer infrastructure that are needed for growth and new development in the City of Pilot Point. These sees are a one-time charge assessed to new development; existing development will not be assessed impact fees. Fees are assessed to new residential, commercial, and industrial development based on their future impact to the roadway, water, and wastewater systems. Roadway impact fees are collected when new development applies for a building permit. Water and wastewater fees are assessed when new development applies for a water meter. The fee amount varies by land use category and water meter size. See the Impact Fee Calculator link below to see rates.

Impact Fee Service Areas

The service area for impact fees are a geographic area to which the collected impact fees must be used on improvements within that same service area. For Roadway Impact Fees, the service area is the city limits. For Water and Wastewater, the service area comprises of portions of the City and the City's Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). Service Area Maps

Impact Fee Schedule

Ordinance No. 446-13-2021 was approved on May 27, 2021 establishing water, wastewater, and roadway impact fees per service unit. The effective date for collecting Impact Fees in the City of Pilot Point is May 27, 2021. New development that has received final plat approval before the effective date of May 27, 2021 will have one year after the effective date to apply for a building permit/water meter without requiring the collection of impact fees. 

Service Area Maps

Impact Fee Calculator

2020 Roadway, Water, and Wastewater Impact Fee Study

Ordinance No. 446-13-2021