Historic Review

Main street Square in black and white antique photo

The Main Street department has been tasked with handling matters previously under the purview of the Historic Review Board. The Main Street Board currently handles all requests for Certificates of Appropriateness for building alterations in the Historic Downtown, as well as other matters of historic preservation.

Downtown buildings must meet the requirements of our Historic District Downtown Guidelines.

Where is the Historic District?

The Square Historic District is defined as that area within the corporate limits of the City of Pilot Point bounded on the north by Walcott Street, on the east by Church Street, on the south by Division Street, and on the west by the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. It is highlighted in blue in the below map.

Historic District Map

How do I get a Certificate of Appropriateness for my downtown building?

A Certificate of Appropriateness is required for any modifications to a building in our Historic District that can be viewed from the road. Modifications include, but are not limited to: paint, siding, fencing, awning, windows and doors. All modifications are subject to our Historic District Design Guidelines.

To obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness to alter a building in our Historic District, you will have to:

1. Fill out the Certificate of Appropriateness application, in addition to all associated permits, and return to City Hall.

2. Appear in front of the Main Street Board (which meets the first Monday of each month) to present the application with all required documentation and materials.

The Main Street Board will make a determination on the certificate and may require modifications to the plans or materials presented prior to approval of the application.