Planned Developments

PD 001 Yarbrough Concept Plan
PD 002 Mustang Creek Concept Plan
PD 003 Hat Creek Estates Concept Plan
PD 001 Ordinance w/ Dev. Standards
PD 002 Ordinance  w/ Dev. Standards
PD 003 Ordinance w/ Dev. Standards
PD 004 Rodeo Crossing Concept Plan
PD 005 Windrose Concept Plan
PD 006 The Hills at Pilot Point Concept Plan
PD 004 Ordinance  w/ Dev. Standards

PD 005 Ordinance  w/ Dev. Standards

PD 006 Ordinance  w/ Dev. Standards

PD 007 Summit Concept Plan
PD 007 Ordinance  w/ Dev. Standards
PD 010 Mobberly Farms Concept Plan

PD 010 Ordinance  w/ Dev. Standards 

Pending: ~ 2,454 SF Residences at      NEC 1385 and 428

PD 011 Creekview Meadows Concept Plan

Proposed: ~ 2,452 SF Residences at        SWC 455 and Tischler Road

PD 009 Mustang Ranch Concept Plan

Proposed: ~ 4,060 SF Residential and Mixed Use at NEC US Hwy 377 and Berend Road

PD 0XX Pecan Creek Concept Plan

Proposed: ~ 4,000 Residential and Mixed Use at SWC DNT and Berend Road

PD 0XX Four Seasons Concept Plan

Proposed: ~ 3,173 SF and 1,089 MF Residences at NEC Lights Ranch Road and Mobberly Road

PD 0XX Bryson Ranch Concept Plan

Proposed: Mixed Use on 669 plus 231 acres at SEC 1385 and Lights Ranch Road

PD 0XX Eland Ranch Concept Plan

Proposed: Master Planned Community at SWC DNT and 455

Talley Ranch Concept Plan