How do I plead Nolo Contendere (No Contest) or Guilty?

If you desire to enter a plea of No Contest or Guilty and pay the fine on your citation, include your Personal Check, Cashier's Check or Money Order made out to the City Of Pilot Point for the fine amount and return it in person or by U. S Mail, Federal Express or UPS with a letter stating your plea preference or you may pay online and enter your plea when requested at time of payment. Your plea and payment must be received on or before the appearance date on your citation. Contact the Municipal Court Clerk's Office at 940-686-4707 for the correct fine amount or if you have questions. Our mailing address is: 

Municipal Court
102 E Main Street
Pilot Point, TX 76258

If your plea and fine amount are not received on or before the appearance date, your fine may increase for failure to appear. If your citation goes into warrant status additional fees will apply. If you cannot pay your fine in full, you can make payments arrangements on or before your appearance date by coming to the Court window between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4;30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Learn more about this on the Plea Information page.

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